The first recipient of the Cecil Kingsley Outstanding Achievement Award was the award namesake, Cecil Kingsley, on January 23, 2018. 

Cecil Kingsley began his efforts to become a Professional Engineer soon after graduating from H.S. in Springfield, MO.  He attended Southwest Missouri State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minor in Pre-Engineering.  After serving two years as an officer in the United States Army, Cecil was able to pursue his Civil Engineering degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University in 1978.

Cecil’s first exposure to engineering began at a small firm in Springfield, MO, Wickizer Engineering Company, where Cecil was a civil drafter and surveyor.  While attending school at KSU, Cecil worked for the City of Manhattan in the engineering department and continued in that position for a period of nine years.  In February of 1981 Cecil became a licensed professional engineer and joined the staff of BG Consultants, Inc as a project engineer.  Cecil quickly grew into leadership status with the company and moved to Lawrence, KS to open a new office for the company.  Under Cecil’s leadership the office grew quickly and in 2003 the company constructed a new 12,000 S.F. building to house the growing Lawrence office. 

During his career at BG Consultants Cecil has remained a catalyst for positive advancement and growth of the company.  He has always placed high value and importance on the professional growth of the company’s employees and challenges everyone to reach their maximum potential.

 As a Principal in BG Consultants Cecil demonstrated leadership characteristics that went beyond the company and into the local and statewide professional community.  Cecil served three Governor appointed terms as an engineering member of the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions where he held multiple offices, including Chair of the Board.  His statewide professional accomplishments also included the American Public Works Association where he achieved Lifetime Membership status and was instrumental in the endowment of scholarships for engineering students who attend KU and KSU.

When asked about his career accomplishments, Cecil is quick to credit his family for supporting his career by affording him the time to pursue his demanding career endeavors.  Cecil also is proud of his time spent as President of BG Consultants where he was able to help pen many company standards and policies that impact sound financial management as well as insuring BG Consultants status in the professional community.  Cecil is confident that the culture of the company and business model will keep the company strong for many years and afford every employee a career opportunity.

Cecil credits the Board of Directors and Shareholders of BG Consultants for being forward thinking owners.  He is proud to have been given the opportunity to lead such a dynamic company.  One of his favorite quotes is: “If you think you can, or think you can’t, your right”.  Although the idea came from Henry Ford, Cecil believes it applies to almost everything in life.