Posted on July 1, 2016

Forty years ago, BG Consultants began as a small engineering and surveying firm headed by Steve Berland and Fred Gibbs. They opened their own business with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, aiming to make their home state a little bit better with their efforts. Today, we have grown into a 75 person multi-disciplinary engineering, architecture, and surveying firm with four office locations throughout Kansas.

Changes didn’t happen instantly. Over the years, we added new services, new people, and new technologies that have strongly impacted what we do and how we do it. At the core, though, our firm has remained committed to design excellence and serving our clients to the best of our abilities.

As we approached a milestone year in company history, we felt it important to evaluate our branding efforts and develop a new look that celebrates both the history and future of BG Consultants. So today, we are unveiling our new logo that we feel accomplishes that.

“BG Consultants is evolving as a firm and we are excited to reflect that in our new branding,” said Cecil Kingsley, BG Consultants’ President. “Our 40th anniversary year provides the perfect opportunity to show how we have advanced, not only in our business ventures, but with our revised appearance. Our new logo preserves visual elements that reflect upon our history, such as the shield, while presenting an overall message of the modern direction we are headed. It highlights our commitment to forward thinking by promoting strong growth, design excellence and mission of focus on client service.”

The symbol within our new logo was inspired by the original mark of BG Consultants – a shield containing a surveying instrument on top of a compass in the center and the initials of a founder to either side. When initially conceptualizing the logo, Steve and Fred were doodling with a compass and really appreciated the shield shape that they developed. It was geometric, and represented the safety clients should feel when they come to us with their projects. From there, they wanted the inside of the shield to showcase the tools that represented their respective trades at that time. This mark remained a staple of our firm for over 30 years.

This new symbol retains the shape of the shield because it still represents that security we want clients to have with us today – knowing they can trust us to look out for their best interests. However, we simplified the center of the mark. It now reflects geometric principles integral to our professions while subtly commemorating the two founders who shaped our firm.

We are excited to share the changes we have in store with you over the upcoming months.