Saint Marys CCLIP

KDOT has made a call for projects to city’s with a State Route or US Highway through the community. The application Deadline (by email) is March 18, 2022 with an anticipated award announcements spring/summer of 2022.

This grant opportunity typically comes around annually and will fund a variety of highway improvements including:

  • Resurfacing (mill/overlay or concrete pavement patching)
  • Pavement reconstruction (full depth pavement replacement)
  • Geometric improvements to streets and/or intersections to correct problems
  • Sidewalks and ADA ramp improvements
  • Stormwater improvements
  • Entrances/intersection improvements
We have had a lot of success with CCLIP and can help you navigate the program.

Key Points of Discussion with BG:

  • The cost sharing ratios vary depending on type of project and size of community.  In some instances, all phases of a project are grant eligible (including design and utility relocations).
  • A good rule of thumb for a starting point is about 67% KDOT, 33% City funding (but will vary with project type).
    • For example, a $500,000 project might require a city to fund about $165,000 of the overall cost.
  • Depending on project type, the actual construction phase will likely be either 2023 or 2024 (or even as late as 2025).  A city doesn’t necessarily need the money in the bank to apply, but should begin planning on funding their share over the next year or two in case the grant application is successful.
Typical Project Funding Scenario

Highway thru town, business district, mill and overlay, 8 blocks long with each intersection.

Total project cost estimated at $400,000 $400,000
KDOT funding $250,000 $250,000
City funding $150,000 $150,000