8th Street Improvements

Hays, KS

The 8th Street improvements project in downtown Hays began as a traffic study, focused primarily on different lane configurations for 8th Street (Old Highway 40) and the impact each configuration would have on traffic flow. BG’s study also evaluated intersection configurations and storm drainage issues. After completing the study, BG was retained to complete the improvements design.

Numerous meetings were held with the Downtown Hays Development Corporation, residential and business owners, and City of Hays staff. Public participation was a critical aspect of this project, as the redesign affected parking for many of the corridor’s business owners. BG’s team was able to successfully negotiate all concerns to obtain stakeholder buy-in. 

The improvements required 20,870 square yards of concrete paving, 4,480 square yards of concrete pavers, 5,000 square yards of concrete sidewalk, 5,900 lineal feet of curb and gutter, as well as grading, storm sewer lines, and other related items.


City of Hays, Kansas