Atchison Sports Complex

Atchison, KS

Located just west of the existing Atchison Elementary School on a 60 acre tract of land, the site of this project was originally all pasture ground with cultivated farm ground at the top of the hill and natural drainage at both the east and west ends of the property. The development committee desired to transform the land into completely furnished baseball diamonds, softball diamonds, and soccer fields.

The County contracted BG Consultants to design the sports complex, including three soccer fields, three baseball fields and three softball fields. Earthwork was balanced during the leveling process. The baseball/softball area includes a concessions and restroom facility.  This building was connected to the existing city sanitary sewer lines and to the existing water lines serving the school. The project included approximately 300,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 1,900 feet of sanitary sewer line, and 1,100 feet of water line. 

BG Consultants’ final design minimized construction costs and maintained ADA compliant grades while utilizing existing storm water patterns surrounding the site.