Briggs Auto Group: Lawrence

Lawrence, KS

Located west of Lawrence’s Iowa Street shopping district, the Briggs Automotive complex consists of three dealerships and an auto body shop, all located along West 29th Terrace and 4 Wheel Drive. BG Consultants has performed work at all of the facilities including architectural, structural, civil, and master-planning improvements.

The Nissan Dealership is a new construction consisting of a 7,350 square foot customer and sales showroom, an 800 square foot lounge, and  a 12,000 square foot service and mechanic shop. This dealership presents the first face of the Briggs complex from the main street. Site improvements around the building create a grand entry way with car display space near the building façade.

The Subaru Dealership required a 10,000 square foot interior and exterior renovation to reorganize the building floor plan and bring the dealership up to corporate visual compliance. A 1,700 square foot shop with five mechanic bays and a service drive was also added.

The Briggs Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram received an addition of an 11,220 square foot mechanic shop, which included 15 new service bays. Renovations also resulted in better customer flow.

All of the Briggs facilities have had extensive site work. A master plan of the Briggs complex examined all of the Briggs facilities and reimagined the various building sites as a single automotive complex. The proposed site layout would turn the entire area along 4 Wheel Drive to become an integrated part of the dealerships’ space. The median spaces along 4 Wheel Drive would be an ideal location for featured vehicle display for all dealerships in the complex.  Other proposed features included vertical wind turbines and new site and directional signage throughout.