Brookfield Unit 5 Subdivision

Manhattan, KS

BG Consultants performed the complete design of the Brookfield Unit 5 Subdivision, a 162-lot residential subdivision. Our engineering services included streets, stormwater, wastewater, and water lines.

Special attention was required when designing the streets and storm sewer due to the low and flat topography of the area, which is bordered by two major drainage channels. In order to minimize the amount of costly fill soil, the storm sewer was carefully designed to handle rainstorms with a minimum of headwater buildup within the subdivision.

Value engineering was used throughout the project in order to contain costs. This included the selection of the pavement type and subgrade treatment. This large subdivision required 23,000 cubic yards of pavement, 47 storm inlets, 4,600 feet of storm sewer, 9,400 feet of water line, and 8,600 feet of wastewater line.


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