Buhler Hike & Bike Trail

The City of Buhler contracted BG Consultants to design a pedestrian/bicycle trail to enhance the connectivity of their city. The project included the design of over 1,500 feet of continuous pedestrian/bike path throughout Wheatland Park. The asphalt trail is 10 feet wide with two-foot shoulders. The improvements BG provided connected the downtown and southeast residential areas to the municipal swimming pool, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and public restroom facilities. In addition, the design connected the extension to the busy TransAmerica Trail on 82nd Avenue along the City’s northern edge, providing cross country bikers access to the park’s facilities.

The project was funded by KDOT’s Transportation Enhancement Fund. All designs complied with AASHTO’s Guide for Development of Bicycle Facilities and ADA accessibility guidelines.


City of Buhler, Kansas