City of Green Water Distribution & Treatment Improvements

The City of Green was experiencing excessive failures in the distribution system, which was taxing their water fund. It was also operating with only one potable water supply well, as the other existing wells exceeded the Maximum Containment Level (MCL) for nitrates. BG Consultants was contracted to evaluate and provide improvement recommendations for their water system. The preliminary engineering study evaluated all components of the system.

Several alternatives were identified for the City, including: a new water source, centralized treatment, point of use treatment, and partial or complete replacement of the existing cast iron distribution system. The City chose to split the project into two phases to effectively deal with their distribution and supply problems.

In Phase I, the original distribution system was completely replaced. Over 6,700 feet of PVC waterline, 4,800 feet of 1” & 2” HDPE service line, 60 water assemblies, 22 water valves, and 11 fire hydrants were included. The scope of Phase II involved a new centralized treatment for nitrate removal, which incorporated all of the existing wells. The treatment facility also provided a new control and alarm package and a centralized chlorination facility for complete installation. The City received funding for both phases through CDBG and USDA Rural Development.


City of Green, Kansas


    Brian Foster, P.E.
    Corporate Treasurer | Manhattan Office Manager | Water Engineering | Principal