City of Hutchinson Streetscape

Hutchinson, KS

After BG Consultants teamed with Rice Foster Associates to completed the highly successful Avenue A Park in downtown Hutchinson in 1997, the City contracted BG/Rice Foster team to continue upgrading their downtown areas, this time through renovating the streetscape. This long-term project began with the development of a master plan in 2000, which divided the area into four districts—Lincoln/Carey Park, Antiques, Retail and Entertainment, and Arts—in order to phase the construction efforts. The third phase was completed in 2008. Most recently, BG Consultants has successfully helped the City obtain funding for Phase IV renovations.

BG has worked closely with City staff, the Downtown Hutchinson Revitalization Partnership, and downtown business owners throughout all of these projects to develop suitable plans and phase the project to maximize funding opportunities. Coordinating with landscape architects from Rice Foster Associates, the team designed structural and aesthetic elements to revitalize the area. BG’s services have included new curbs and gutters, sidewalks, parking, pedestrian crossings, bump outs to slow traffic and enhance pedestrian safety, decorative street lighting, and stormwater drainage improvements. Pedestrian amenities include decorative pavers, benches, tables, trash receptacles, lighting, and landscaping with irrigation.  

Public response to the streetscape projects has been overwhelmingly positive. The renovations have stimulated the local economy by attracting new businesses to the area and consistently drawing customers to support the many locally-owned businesses.


City of Hutchinson, Kansas