Continental Mills Office Addition

Manhattan, KS

Continental Mills is a manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution center of Krusteaz, Ghirardelli, and Sun Country Foods products. BG Consultants has designed multiple additions to the existing facility over the years, accommodating the corporation’s expanding growth and procedural needs. Previous work on the existing building included a 37,500 square foot manufacturing and warehouse addition. Further expansion in production prompted the addition of a clean-room transition space between production areas.  Clean-room improvements were designed to meet stringent food and health safety requirements for isolation and processing of allergen-related food products as part of a corporate campaign to offer more diverse product supply.

The most recent project our team designed for the company, in a collaborative design-build relationship with a local contractor, is a 4,500 square foot addition and renovation of the existing administrative office and staff room support spaces. The new addition was designed to maintain a natural transition with the existing single-story building in volumetric scale and material finish. Two new large locker-rooms tripled the space available to the production staff. Three new offices complimented by open office space greatly expanded the administration capabilities of the building and a new conference room provided a staging area for showcasing products and meeting with potential clients. The expanded and renovated space will support the current and future employee growth of the company.


Ron Fowles Construction