Culver Water System Improvements

Culver, KS

The City of Culver selected BG Consultants to perform an engineering evaluation of their municipal water system, identify deficiencies, and make recommendations for potential improvements. The existing distribution system was aging and had failed numerous times each year. It had deteriorated to the point that the City could not completely fill their existing storage facility without causing additional failures.

After evaluating the system and providing several recommendations, BG participated in several public meetings with the City Council to address potential project needs. During these meetings, it became apparent that a majority of the residents understood the need for distribution and storage improvements, but also wanted to address water quality for the community.

BG then evaluated the existing two municipal wells and potential treatment alternatives for iron and magnesium removal, as this was the primary issue identified by the community. After presenting recommendations in several additional public meetings, a plan of improvement was developed to address water quality, distribution, and storage within the community. BG’s team also assisted the City in identifying funding mechanisms that could be utilized for their project.

BG then developed design documents for a new water treatment plant, a new standpipe that provided higher service pressures, and complete replacement of the existing distribution system. The improvements were completed in two phases. Phase I included the treatment plant and standpipe while Phase II involved the replacement of the distribution system.  


City of Culver, Kansas


    Thaniel Monaco, P.E.
    Head of Environmental Engineering | Head of Construction Field Services | Principal
    Brian Foster, P.E.
    Corporate Treasurer | Manhattan Office Manager | Water Engineering | Principal