Dickens Medical Plaza

Manhattan, KS

The Dickens Place Medical Plaza was created to provide outpatient care for dental, women’s health, and orthopaedic care. BG Consultants was commissioned to facilitate the campus plan and to design four separate medical outpatient clinics, utilizing coordination between healthcare consultants and owners to enhance patient experience and circulation patterns.

Set within a residential neighborhood, the buildings were designed sensitive to the residential brick and hipped roofs of nearby homes. Abstracted EIFS columns, masonry and roof materials, unify the different buildings while providing individual design identity. Understanding the regulations and technical requirements for the various medical practices established the parameters within which each facility was designed. Additional factors relating to the master planning included recognizing methods for integrating general safety and security, evaluation of sustainable site practices, advances in technology, and cohesion of each organization’s clinical practices.

The buildings sit on an eight-acre tract of land that was developed from original timberland. A storm drainage channel with approximately 80 acres of drainage area crossed the property.  BG routed this stormwater through the fully developed project in a manner that was attractive and efficient, and that eliminated the potential for flood damage to the improvements. Two retention ponds were also created as both aesthetic amenities and sustainable stormwater retention areas. The flood detention facilities were designed that reduced the peak post-developed stormwater flows so that they were less than the peak pre-developed stormwater flows.

Total building areas at Dickens Place exceeded 57,000 square feet.


Schultz Construction