Emporia Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer

In order to fill the demands for industrial development at Emporia Industrial Park IV, BG Consultants conducted a wastewater management study with the goal of providing sewer services to a large portion of the 151-acre park. BG Consultants evaluated the existing wastewater treatment facilities, lift stations, and sanitary sewer collection system for the sewer lines. After completing the study and making recommendations, BG was retained to complete the design of the selected sanitary sewer improvements.

BG engineers met with Emporia staff and project stakeholders to determine specific project needs and general goals and to obtain information about existing utilities, future improvements, and other information influencing the locations of proposed alignments. Considerations that BG evaluated included future land use, the surrounding drainage area, and issues associated with crossing major roads.

The selected route for the sanitary sewer line crossed several major roads, including US Highway 50, Americus Road, Overland Road, and the Kansas Turnpike, and tied into Emporia’s existing wastewater collection system. The project required almost 6,000 feet of sewer pipe of varying sizes, as well as the construction of 21 new manholes.

The plans for the sanitary sewer system also required reconstruction of pavement damaged as a result of the construction, control of stormwater runoff, and traffic control and seeding. BG Consultants provided all of the surveying and engineering design services needed to make this project a reality. The construction of the sewer line allowed for the development of Industrial Park IV to take place without concerns of overloading the wastewater collection system.



City of Emporia, Kansas