Everest Water Treatment Plant and System Improvements

Water for the City of Everest is supplied from groundwater wells. These wells were producing water with a nitrate concentrate over the maximum contaminant level, or MCL. BG Consultants was hired to prepare a preliminary engineering report that identified the City’s options for improving their system. BG’s system-wide evaluation determined a need for a new water treatment plant, along with storage and supply improvements.

BG Consultants provided the engineering design services for a new reverse osmosis treatment plant with a clear well and water booster pump station. Additional system improvements included rehabilitation of the existing elevated storage tank, electrical improvements at the existing wells, and a new SCADA system. A pilot study was conducted on the selected R/O equipment to verify performance of the manufacturer’s equipment prior to purchasing.


City of Everest, Kansas


    Brian Foster, P.E.
    Corporate Treasurer | Manhattan Office Manager | Water Engineering | Principal