Greater Hutchinson Trail System

BG Consultants, Inc., has been contracted to provide civil and structural engineering services for ongoing renovations of several hike/bike trails, as well as connecting streetscape and bridge projects, within the City of Hutchinson since 1996. These projects encompass many elements of the design and construction administration phases.

A predominant factor in all of these projects is the extensive coordination with all involved stakeholders. This required efficient communication with numerous entities, including the City of Hutchinson, railways, KDOT Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant application and award administrators, and various design consultants. The coordinated efforts highlight BG’s ability to adapt and evolve with the projects to produce final design plans approved by all stakeholders.

Public perception was a major consideration during the planning, design, and construction of any given project. Several public meetings were held during the planning and design phases. During construction, weekly meetings were held to address any comments from the public and business owners, particularly in regards to ensuring vehicle and pedestrian access.

Design and construction phases have featured items such as new pavement, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, pedestrian bridges, decorative street lighting, pedestrian amenities, stormwater drainage, and urban landscaping.

Applicable projects that BG has completed include:

  • Jim P. Martinez Sunflower Trail Extension, Phases I, II, and III
  • Avenue “A” Bridge Replacement over Cow Creek
  • Avenue “A” Park Improvements
  • Downtown Streetscape Master Plan and Design
  • George Pyle Park Improvements
  • Hendricks Street Bridge Improvements
  • Plum Street Bridge Improvements
  • Downtown Street Improvements
  • Northeast Trail Extension