Heritage Square Development

Manhattan, KS

Heritage Square South is a commercial Planned Unit Development located off of Highway 24 on the east side of Manhattan. BG Consultants was contracted by the developer to provide architectural and engineering services, including the design of buildings, roads, water, sewer and stormwater systems.

Heritage Commons, a multi-tenant building, stands in the center of Heritage Square South. Serving as the focal point for other retail, mixed-use, office, and service industries, multiple build-out spaces were designed by BG’s team, including a restaurant, DMV, and two exterior social gathering spaces. Through applications of masonry veneer with arched entry ways and the earthy texture of exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS), the building abstracts Mediterranean geometries and creates a harmonious impression. A warm exterior color palette strengthens the relationship between the clients’ interest in Mediterranean aesthetic and the architecture of the region. The building design integrates the multiple entrances about colonnaded walkways, and traffic is allowed to flow around the entire building. To further enhance the site, two exterior spaces were designed for social gathering.

Several standalone businesses also housed within the development were designed by BG architects, including Aaron’s Rent to Own, Midway Wholesale, and Salisbury Supply. Our team worked closely with each owner to design pre-engineered metal buildings that suit the needs of each business.