Industrial Road Improvements

To improve safety along the Industrial Road corridor, the City of Emporia contracted BG Consultants to conduct a major street and intersection improvement project. The project was federally funded through the Highway Safety Improvement Program, and therefore required construction plan development in accordance with KDOT standards and procedures.

The scope of the project widened the Industrial Road cross section from four lanes to five, allowing for a center two-way-left-turn lane. The center left-turn lane improved safety and traffic operations through the corridor and at the intersection of Industrial Road and 15th Avenue. BG also designed plans to remove the out-of-date traffic signal and install an eight-phase NEMA traffic signal system with video detection and emergency vehicle preemption.

Project sequencing and traffic control planning were key parts of bringing together a successful project. BG’s services included field investigation, traffic operations analysis, transportation design, and on-call material testing.


City of Emporia, Kansas