JFHQ Bravo Gate Entrance ATFP Upgrade

BG Consultants’ JFHQ Bravo Gate Entrance ATFP Upgrade project improved the Kansas Avenue entrance into the Kansas Army National Guard's Topeka facility. The project was used to bring the entrance up to the current Anti-Terrorism Force Protection guidelines.

BG’s work on this project included a new guard house, the relocation of the existing guard house canopy, a new entrance into the site, a rejection lane for leaving the site if the entrance of a vehicle is not permitted, a parking area, and new fence and gate operators. MEP services were also completed in-house and included provisions for a new electrical service to the guard house. New lighting was also designed along the pavement both to and from the site. The new gate and gate controller were designed to provide a 48-foot clear opening via a slide cantilever gate.

Coordination was a high priority with this project, not only with the many stakeholders at the Kansas Army National Guard, but also with the City of Topeka, the Division of Water Resources (DWR), and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). The City of Topeka required minimum spacing between the access points along Kansas Avenue and required a portion of the entrances to be constructed of concrete. Coordination with the DWR was required in order to place the guard house above the 100-year floodplain. BG obtained a floodplain fill permit for the construction. Finally, a KDHE NOI permit was obtained for authorization to discharge stormwater runoff from construction activities. BG’s immense coordination efforts were rewarded with a generally efficient and effortless project.


Kansas Adjutant General’s Department