Jones Park Memorial Trail in Lyndon

Completed in 2013, the Jones Park Memorial Trail circles Jones Park in the southeast corner of Lyndon, Kansas. The trail is one component of the City’s Hike/Bike Trail Master Plan, and connects to existing paths. Six feet wide and 3,487 feet long, the trail is accompanied by a 1,450-square yard gravel drive that provides ADA access to the southern portion of the trail.

In addition to the trail itself, BG Consultants designed four concrete pads for park benches and cross road pipes for stormwater drainage. The project was funded by the Sunflower Foundation and the Jones Trust Foundation.

To further enhance the park, the City opted to add a wetland area and Learning Center for educational purposes, developed in partnership with Westar Energy’s Green Team. The trail system designed by BG provides connectivity between these educational features and the nearby elementary school. 


City of Lyndon, Kansas