Keltic Star Public House & Restaurant

Manhattan, KS

The Keltic Star Public House Restaurant is a pub-themed bar and restaurant in Manhattan’s Aggieville district. BG Consultants served as the architect in charge of designing the façade alterations and interior build-out of Keltic Star within the existing brick building.

Challenges for this project included fitting all of the owner’s desired items while still being within code requirements and creating fire-rated enclosure where needed while minimizing the amount of fire-rated doors required. Alterations to the building shell included filling in unneeded windows and repurposing an oversized doorway into a fireplace.

The restaurant was designed to feel like a wattle and daub English pub. It features textured panels bordered by wood trim to emulate half-timbered construction. Along the center of the restaurant is a large pseudo beam featuring stone columns and a standing bar which divides the space into dining and bar areas. The design is further articulated by pseudo columns behind the bar, columns at the dividing feature, and pseudo beams on the ceiling. Custom seating includes three dedicated booth tables and built-in seating along the north and west walls. The main feature in the restaurant is the custom bar, with a horseshoe inspired serving station, a lofted ceiling, and custom wood back bar.


Ron Fowles Construction