KSU Ackert Hall

Manhattan, KS

On the Kansas State University campus, Ackert Hall had combated leaking problems for over 30 years. BG Consultants was initially consulted to perform an investigation to pinpoint the location of the leaking and determine areas displaying extensive structural damage.

The leaking originated within the greenhouse at all column locations. The original aluminum columns penetrate a 4 inch concrete topping and bear directly on the concrete roof deck. Over the years, moisture settled between the concrete topping and concrete roof deck in the fourth floor. Eventually, the moisture between the topping and deck entered cracks in the deck, causing the deck to delaminate and the rebar to rust. The damage culminated over the years finally reached a point where the delaminated concrete became a falling debris hazard.

The repair for the continually leaking roof was fairly straightforward but challenging. The dilapidated concrete had to be removed and replaced with new, and concrete reinforcement was placed in areas that showed considerable section loss. Due to continued use of the building, the repair had to occur in necessary areas while leaving the greenhouse in place during the entire procedure. The surrounding classes, research laboratories, research animals, plants, and equipment, all sensitive to environmental changes, could not be disturbed throughout construction. The greenhouse remained intact while repairs were made and the entire knee-wall surrounding the greenhouse was replaced.


Kansas State University