KSU Boyd & Putnam Reroofing

Manhattan, KS

Boyd and Putnam Halls are five-story dormitory buildings that house 245 students each on the east side of the Kansas State University Campus. BG Consultants was retained to assess the current roof conditions and create construction documents for a reroofing project. The existing shingles were known to contain asbestos and needed to be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Additionally, all of the gutters and downspouts on these buildings had deteriorated beyond acceptable standards and were replaced to match the existing stylized guttering. Roof ventilators were also being replaced. Selective demolition was utilized in severely deteriorated areas.

Construction had to be carefully coordinated with Kansas State University to minimize operation disruption. Due to the stringent asbestos regulations, students and staff were not allowed in the buildings when work was taking place. The project began construction at the end of the 2014 spring semester and was substantially completed before students returned in the fall semester. Approximately 25,700 square feet of roof shingles were affected and replaced.


Kansas State University