Lake Pointe Drive and Roundabout

BG Consultants was contracted by the City of Lawrence to design a three-legged roundabout and accompanying street alterations for a residential development in the southwest corner of the city. The roundabout provided a circular intersection at Lake Pointe Drive and Clinton Parkway, located at the west end of the Clinton Parkway median. Real estate development in the area was projected to substantially increase the traffic entering Clinton Parkway, and BG found a roundabout to be the most efficient solution to enhance both public safety and level of service.

Located at the main entrance to Lawrence from the west, the roundabout has a high traffic count. BG’s geometric designs had to accommodate WB-50 design trucks from the K-10 bound for Lawrence destinations. All designs followed federal and state guidelines for roundabouts.

All phases of the design were included in BG Consultants’ services, including traffic analysis, pavement design, and drainage design.


City of Lawrence, Kansas