Leonard Street Improvements

BG Consultants was contracted by the City of Onaga to design improvements and reconstruction along Leonard Street between 4th and 9th Streets. For this project, funded by a CDBG grant, BG’s primary task was to reconstruct the curbs and gutters, but further services were included to restore adequate drainage and match the new curb elevations. BG’s team acquired rights-of-way to allow for re-grading behind the curbs, along with reconstruction of sidewalks and driveway aprons. The street driving surface was upgraded with a mill and overlay that restored a consistent pavement grade adjacent to the curb and gutter, as well as appropriate cross slopes to facilitate the upgrade in gutter capacity. 

The improvements required:

  • 2,800 feet of concrete curb and gutter
  • 2,042 square yards of four-inch air entrained concrete sidewalks
  • 1,485 tons of commercial grade asphalt
  • 4,116 feet of pavement markings


City of Onaga, Kansas