LeRoy Sanitary Sewer System Improvements

LeRoy, KS

The main sanitary sewer lift station in LeRoy was experiencing routine failures when the City contracted BG Consultants to evaluate and design its rehabilitation. BG’s initial assessment of the remaining three lift stations and components of the collection system spurred a need to conduct a full system evaluation. Our team’s inspection efforts included system-wide smoke testing, CCTV inspection, and manhole inspection. BG then authored a preliminary engineering report evaluating the inventory data and prioritizing the rehabilitation needs into three phases of construction.

Phase I saw the complete rehabilitation of the City’s south lift station. BG converted the overall lift station design from a duplex vacuum prime solids handing pump layout to a duplex solids submersible pump layout. This portion of the project was successfully constructed on time and within five percent of the original budget.

In Phase II, the north lift station was converted from a vacuum prime layout to a submersible pump layout. The east and west lift stations were completely rehabilitated, with only the existing wet well structures utilized. This phase of construction was completed on time and well under budget.

Phase III is currently under construction. It will consist of 43,500 linear feet of CIPP rehabilitation on the deteriorated clay sewer mains, 614 linear feet of cementitious lining of deteriorated brick manholes, and minor wastewater treatment facility improvements.  


City of LeRoy, Kansas