Lyndon Safe Routes to School

Lyndon, KS

As part of the City of Lyndon’s master plan to improve walking and biking routes to schools, BG engineers were contracted to study and provide recommendations for the City’s pedestrian infrastructure. BG partnered with community leaders and the volunteer Safe Routes to School Action Team to evaluate the safety of school routes and provide engineering recommendations.

Parent and student surveys conducted in May 2012 revealed that significant safety concerns and a lack of infrastructure were preventing students from walking or biking to school. Further consideration to reduce potential interactions between pedestrians and motorized vehicles was needed.

Walkability audits were performed by the SRTS Action Team to determine conditions of sidewalks and crosswalks, review traffic signage, and identify traffic and safety issues. Expert analysis of each of these three schools was conducted by BG Consultants. City infrastructure associated with pedestrian travel was in need of substantial repair and upgrade. The school zones and neighborhoods surrounding the schools lacked sidewalks or continuity of sidewalks, many of the intersections did not contain ADA accessible ramps, and there was a lack of adequate signage and traffic control.

As a result of this study, BG Consultants designed the sidewalk improvements that were constructed in 2014.


City of Lyndon, Kansas