Lyon County Fairgrounds Master Plan

Emporia, KS

BG Consultants was retained by Lyon County, Kansas, to develop a master plan for their existing fairgrounds as part of their long-term renovation plans. The County developed 10 planning items in order to guide the development of the master plan, including consideration to existing and future buildings, vehicle access and drives, parking, pedestrian use, utilities, sustainability, aesthetics, and cost.

Two existing buildings, as well as a large 4-H Youth Area Development facility with an indoor arena, were studied for future impact on parking and utility requirements. Renovation and expansion of the Anderson Building, which was constructed in the 1960s and provides space for auctions and conventions, was one of the focal points of BG’s study. Renovations for the Anderson Building, also designed by BG, were recently completed.

Along with increased square footage, site circulation and parking were also major issues in this process. In addition to hard surfaced paved areas, grass and gravel pavers were used to incorporate green planning concepts and flexibility. Because of the flat topography at the site, planning for adequate storm drainage and detention was imperative. Minor aesthetic improvements to the outdoor arena and support spaces were considered, along with placement of future updates.