Lyon RWD #2 Secondary Booster Pump Station

Lyon County RWD No. 2 contracted BG Consultants to develop a computer model of their rural water system, identify deficiencies, and make recommendations for improvements. BG engineers modeled the entire water system using WaterCAD software. BG staff calibrated the model through field testing, and areas with inadequate sizing and pressures were identified. BG’s team made recommendations that included constructing a secondary booster pump station.

By approaching the project in a design/build format, BG was able to fast-track the construction of improvements. The package pump station includes two 5 HP horizontal end suction, centrifugal type booster pumps rated for average design conditions of 112 GPM at 107 feet TDH. In addition to the benefits of the new secondary boost pump station construction, the WaterCAD computer model will always be available to the RWD for quick analysis of future development or other changes to the water distribution system.


Lyon County RWD No. 2


    Brian Foster, P.E.
    Corporate Treasurer | Manhattan Office Manager | Water Engineering | Principal