Nichols Chiropractic

Manhattan, KS

Nichols Chiropractic is located in the professional business development, Westport Commons, and was developed in two phases. The first phase concerned developing the building core and shell master plan by working closely with the client, while the second focused on the interior build-out. The overall design goal was to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere conducive to patient healing, as well as a positive work environment for staff. The building totaled 3,016 square feet.

BG architects led the programming and design efforts in hand with the user group to develop an outpatient chiropractic facility that would be able to adapt as treatment practices and technologies evolve. Flexibility in health care facilities was key in assisting the organization while preparing for future needs and extending the life of the building. By providing an open treatment area and forecasting future equipment needs in exam spaces, our design team was able to develop a built environment that would be responsive to the client’s needs. Communication between our professionals and interior designers established the foundation for spatial qualities desired by the client. Outpatient treatment services included relief care, corrective care, and wellness care.


Schultz Construction