RFB Bridge on Pleasant Street Over Tonganoxie Creek

Tonganoxie, KS

The Pleasant Street Bridge over Tonganoxie Creek is an essential connection in the town of Tonganoxie, Kansas. The structure serves as the main crossing across Tonganoxie Creek for emergency vehicles within the City. Although the deck of the bridge had recently been repaired, age and the poor condition of the substructure necessitated replacement.

Because the bridge is essential for emergency travel in Tonganoxie, BG Consultants developed a solution to minimize the time the road must be closed by utilizing pre-cast elements for the two-cell 12’-12’ ridged frame box (RFB) bridge.

Construction of the roadway above was phased to allow for one lane emergency traffic at all times after the box itself was placed. Pre-cast box sections and wing walls were cast off-site prior to the road being closed. After excavation and preparation of the streambed, the pre-cast sections were delivered and set over the course of a few days. Once the cells were set, footings for the pre-cast wing wall sections were constructed. As soon as the backfilling and compaction around the RFB cells was completed, a single lane of traffic was established to allow emergency vehicle passage. Construction of the pre-cast wing walls resumed, and the final roadway and sidewalks were constructed one half at a time to ensure emergency travel.


City of Tonganoxie, Kansas


    Brady Hedstrom, P.E.
    Bridge Engineering | Structural Engineering | Transportation Engineering | Principal