River Trail in Ogden

The River Trail Addition is a master-planned development southeast of the original City of Ogden. This development is approximately 500 acres and hosts a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial development opportunities. The development is intended to accommodate growth in the area due to increasing troop numbers at Fort Riley and additional civilian jobs and business developments. The City had never experienced this level of growth, and BG Consultants was integral in updating zoning and platting regulations and ordinances, as well as code requirements for several new and existing facilities within the community.

BG provided design services for public and private infrastructure within the development, including concrete pavement, stormwater pipe, water service main lines, wastewater main lines, manholes, and a sanitary sewer lift station. The designs called for coordination with KDOT, especially in determining the potential impacts of a proposed realignment of Highway 18. Consistent coordination with utility developers was essential to minimizing potential conflicts.


City of Ogden, Kansas


    Thaniel Monaco, P.E.
    Head of Environmental Engineering | Head of Construction Field Services | Principal