RSCH Bridge on Osawatomie Road Over Jordan Branch

Designing the Jordan Branch Bridge on Osawatomie Road in Miami County posed a challenge due to the terrain and utilities surrounding the site. The south end of the site was on a high hill with electrical transmission lines crossing the road at an angle near the end of the bridge itself. Conversely, the north end of the project was flat with a railroad crossing that limited the ability to change the grade of the road. Therefore, BG engineers had to design the bridge with a slope of approximately six percent.

BG Consultants designed the three-span reinforced concrete slab haunch bridge with a 20 degree skew. The steep slope and deep channel placed this bridge at the limits of haunched slab bridge constructability, but the additional cost of a different structure were beyond the County’s funding limitations. The height of the bridge posed an additional challenge for placing falsework to support the concrete formwork, and the slope necessitated careful placement of the concrete for the deck to prevent the concrete from moving before it had cured.

During construction, BG Consultants also provided the construction observation, overseeing adherence to the plans and construction specifications and bringing this project to a successful completion.


Miami County, Kansas


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