Rucker Road Corridor Improvements

This 1.2-mile project, located in Junction City, was undertaken by the City to improve Rucker Road prior to future development in the area. The roadway was previously a two-lane rural section of road with open ditches. BG Consultants designed improvements for reconstructing the street into a three-lane arterial roadway. As a result of widening the street, vertical and horizontal alignments also had to be adjusted.

After evaluating the hydraulics and hydrology of the site, BG designed a storm sewer system to eliminate open flow. An 80-foot single span pre-stressed concrete beam bridge with pedestrian walkways on both sides was implemented to improve storm drainage. Sidewalks and handicap ramps were also designed on both sides of the street. A traffic study was conducted to determine the geometrics of the new roadway, while a pavement study revealed the appropriate pavement thickness. BG acquired the rights-of-way and easements for the City. To ensure public satisfaction, two public hearings were held to inform the public about the project scope and construction process.

The project required 11,800 tons of asphalt pavement, 4,800 square yards of concrete sidewalk, 12,720 lineal feet of curb and gutter, and 2,800 lineal feet of storm sewer. BG’s team also developed detailed phasing and traffic control plans that would allow homeowners along the corridor access during construction.