Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project - Osawatomie

BG Consultants’ work for the City of Osawatomie on this project provided much needed improvements to the City’s sewer collection system. The City had been dealing with surcharging sewers during rain. Not only were manholes and lift stations surcharging, but also homes, businesses, and churches. The inflow and infiltration conditions were extreme, and the need for the improvements was essential to improving living conditions of established residents and encouraging growth. The area around Osawatomie was developing rapidly, but the City had to turn away interested developers due to the poor condition of the sanitary sewer infrastructure.

The project consisted of a city-wide sanitary sewer rehabilitation that occurred in one phase. Smoke testing, manhole inspection, and CCTV inspection were used for a comprehensive study of the entire collection system. A total of approximately 47,700 feet of sewer lines were replaced with conventional open-cut trenching construction and 5,200 feet of lines were replaced with pipe bursting/reaming construction techniques. There were multiple manhole replacements and rehabilitations. The north lift station, the largest in town, was also rehabilitated, upgrading the station’s current pumping capacity and providing for easy installation of future pumps as the City grows and develops. The improvements, completed in 2008, provided an enormous benefit to the City of Osawatomie.


City of Osawatomie, Kansas