Sanitary Sewer, Lift Station and WWTF Improvements - Burlingame

Burlingame, KS

BG Consultants was retained by the City of Burlingame in 2010 to evaluate and design a two-phased system-wide rehabilitation and replacement project that would address deteriorated components within their collection system, main pump station, and wastewater treatment lagoons.

Phase 1 included the strategic replacement of approximately 4,300 linear feet of sanitary sewer clay pipe with new PVC sewer main, replacement of 15 sanitary sewer manholes, WWTF piping and structure improvements and pump station replacement.

Phase 2 included the installation of 10,000 linear feet of Fold and Form pipe liner, the replacement of approximately 14,000 linear feet of clay sewer main with PVC sewer main, the replacement of approximately 75 sanitary sewer manholes and the cementitous lining of approximately 70 manholes. 

This project showcases BG’s ability to work with a community to evaluate and address all system components within a wastewater system and phase improvements within the developed budget. The rehabilitation was completed in 2011.


City of Burlingame, Kansas