Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Troy

BG Consultants was hired by the City of Troy to evaluate their entire sanitary sewer system, consisting of 165 manholes and 50,500 feet of clay sewer main. BG identified numerous issues with the existing system. Gravity lines with collapsed sections, holes, cracks, offset joints, and broken lateral connections allowed both stormwater and tree roots to enter the sewer collection system. Brick manholes had never been sealed or repaired since they were put into service. Inflow and infiltration comprised such a large portion of the wet weather flow that manholes were surcharged, and the treatment system routinely had to bypass untreated sewage when rain fell on Troy. BG’s team prepared a preliminary engineering report outlining a two-phased approach to a system-wide rehabilitation solution.

Phase I included the replacement of sewer mains and manholes known to be in near failing condition, which included the replacement of eight manholes, 1,700 feet of sewer main, and 240 feet of cased bore under the railroad. Additional CCTV inspection and evaluation was performed on the remaining sewer segments in town to fully define the rehabilitation requirements for the second phase of the project.

In Phase II, the remaining clay sewer and brick manholes were rehabilitated. The project requirements totaled 41,000 feet of fold and form liner, 900 feet of cemetitious manhole lining, and 150 point repairs. The rehabilitations were completed in 2014.


City of Troy, Kansas