Scenic Woods Apartment Complex Site Development

Manhattan, KS

BG Consultants was contracted to provide surveying and engineering services for the development of a 27-acre tract of land on the west side of Manhattan.  The site was originally zoned for agricultural use. BG Consultants proceeded through the necessary steps to coordinate with City personnel to rezone the tract of land for multi-family use and to secure the approval of the City commission for the rezoning and development of the site.

The project itself included an evaluation of the site to ensure the type of development requested by the owner was feasible. This process included drainage studies, earthwork calculations, and preliminary site layouts to determine the number and configuration of apartment complexes that would occupy the site.

BG then coordinated a four-phase development and design that would allow the construction to flow easily from one phase to the next. Once the site layout was confirmed, BG designed the water and sewer extensions and coordinated the overall design with City personnel and private utility companies to successfully move the project forward. When construction began, BG provided the earthwork contractor the information necessary to properly grade the site.

As construction on Phase I began, BG Consultants also provided the contractor with construction staking for the infrastructure that was to be built.  As construction continued, BG Consultants, Inc. worked closely with the owner and contractor to lead the project through construction challenges.


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