Seneca US-36 & Branch Street Improvements

With changes to U.S. Highway 36 in Seneca, the Branch Street Extension project provides access to 11 city-owned commercial lots on the south side of the highway that otherwise would have lost direct northern access. The new asphalt surfaced collector street, named Branch Street, runs one-half mile between 11th Street and Community Drive. Left turn movements on Branch Street are accommodated with a two way left turn lane. Twenty-seven off street parking places were provided on both sides of Branch Street immediately west of 11th Street to accommodate existing businesses. A shared use path was constructed along the entire south side of Branch Street to connect to the City’s park and the nearby high school. 

Additionally, a new street - Fairway Drive - connects U.S. Highway 36 to Branch Street near the mid-way point on Branch Street. Additional lane capacity was added to U.S. Highway 36 to accommodate the turning movements associated with the Fairway Drive intersection.


City of Seneca, Kansas