Stormwater Drainage Improvements at the Kansas State Fair

Hutchinson, KS

This project was initiated due to drainage problems experienced at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. During a heavy rain, it was a common occurrence for fair attendees to walk through up to six inches of stormwater at the 19th Avenue entrance, a main pedestrian entrance to the Fairgrounds. Additionally, the south open ditch had consistently caused drainage problems on the fairgrounds, and management wanted to incorporate a storm sewer system next to their animal buildings.

BG Consultants performed a complete site drainage analysis that identified specific problem areas and solutions. The final design included approximately 1,100 feet of underground stormwater line that tied in all existing drainage infrastructure associated with the fair buildings along the south property line. The project also included the installation of 500 feet of underground stormwater systems along Plum Street north from 19th Avenue to allow for a new pedestrian entrance that would remain dry during storm events.

The mainline of the new stormwater system, which is just over 1,600 feet, consisted of horizontal elliptical reinforced concrete pipe ranging from 5 to 10 square feet. Ten connections were made to existing stormwater infrastructure owned by either the State Fair or the City of Hutchinson.


Kansas State Fair