Strong City Water System Improvements

The original cast iron water mains and fire hydrants in Strong City were estimated to be around 100 years old. The aging—and deteriorating—infrastructure did not provide acceptable fire protection and caused increased operations, maintenance, and water loss and reduced water aesthetics. Furthermore, with the City’s decision to join and purchase water from the new Public Wholesale Water Supply District #26, it had to reduce its percentage of unaccounted water loss. As a result, the City contracted with BG Consultants to prepare a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to identify potential solutions and submit for CDBG Funding.

After deliberation, the City chose to replace nearly the entire water distribution system. BG Consultants’ preliminary engineering report (PER) was submitted to the CDBG for grant application in the fall of 2012. After the grant was awarded, BG Consultants developed plans and bidding documents for approximately 13,860 feet of C-900 PVC waterlines of various sizes, 19 new fire hydrants, and 151 service assemblies.

BG’s team also prepared strip maps and legal descriptions for obtaining eight new easements. Permits included BNSF Railroad, KDOT Use of Right-of-Way, Chase County Use of Right-of-Way, and KDHE Water Supply and NOI. A public engagement plan, which began in the PER stage, was conducted through several public meetings.


City of Strong City, Kansas


    Brian Foster, P.E.
    Corporate Treasurer | Manhattan Office Manager | Water Engineering | Principal