US-59 Turnback Improvements

When KDOT relocated US Highway 59 to the east side of Ottawa, they provided funding to upgrade the former US-59 (Main Street) route through the city. After the upgrades, KDOT turned maintenance responsibility for the old route over to the City of Ottawa, and they, in turn, sought BG Consultants’ expertise in preparing upgrade and maintenance plans.

BG’s designed improvements consisted of replacing the strip seals on the Marais des Cygnes Bridge, removing and replacing faulty Portland cement concrete pavement, removing and replacing three culverts under Main Street, and milling two inches of the existing hot mix asphalt surface. BG Consultants also provided construction observation services and as-built plans for the improvements.

The scope of the project and construction activities included:

Milling 81,000 square yards of pavement

Placing 10,300 tons of hot mix asphalt

Placing 1,240 square yards of 10-inch Portland cement concrete

Installing approximately 24,000 feet of centerline and edge line pavement markings


City of Ottawa, Kansas