USD 497 Quail Run Elementary School

Lawrence, KS

Quail Run Elementary School Addition and Renovation was part of a multi-school package awarded to BG Consultants for Unified School District 497. The package was initiated to create additional classrooms, blended learning spaces, secure entry points and to renovate all bathrooms to meet the District’s newly created standards. 

Quail Run received multiple upgrades throughout the building to accommodate the district’s Blending Learning environment. Private teachers’ offices were eliminated by removing the hallway walls to create adaptive learning pockets. An existing structural wall was modified to allow expanded square footage for one of the kindergarten classrooms. This modification equalizes available teaching space for both of the kindergarten rooms. An existing solid partition door separating the cafeteria and gymnasium was replaced with a glazed partition system that produces an open environment.

The principal portion of this project was the addition of two storm-shelter classrooms on the west corner of the existing building.  Specially designed door and window systems allowed for both classrooms to have exterior windows and door sidelights at the hall while still maintaining the safety of a tornado shelter. Finally, the building received over 23,000 square feet of new metal roofing and minor repair to the existing Modified Bitumen roof.


Lawrence Public School District