Wildcat Creek Lift Station

Manhattan, KS

As part of Manhattan’s 2003 Master Plan Update, Wildcat Creek Lift Station, the primary lift station within the City, was identified for improvement. The station originally included four identical vertical line shaft pumps rated for 2.6 MGD each to a common header and single 20-inch forcemain. Driven by continued development in its drainage basin and significant Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) flows, the master plan recommended the replacement of two existing pumps to approximately 5 MGD and the installation of a second 20-inch parallel forcemain.

Building on the Master Plan recommendations, BG explored detailed options for upgrading the station through a Value Engineering Workshop as part of the project’s cost saving measures. Hydraulic, structural, electrical, and control aspects of the project were analyzed during the two-day workshop. The main areas of focus were the different types of pumps and phasing options. BG presented design options and cost proposals to the City at the end of the second day. This condensed approach saved on design engineering fees and provided the most cost-effective construction option for improvement.  

The improvement option chosen for the lift station included the replacement of two pumps to approximately 5.3 MGD each with upgrades to the electrical and controls. The project also included:

  • Installation of a new, automated mechanical barscreen
  • Improvements to existing pump header piping for two pumps left in service
  • Installation of a new, 20-inch flow meter
  • Addition of VFDs for the two new pumps
  • Installation of a new RAS chlorination facility at the WWTP for filament control

Additional upgrades of certain components within the lift station were planned to facilitate a future phase of development and complete the upgrades.


City of Manhattan, Kansas


    Thaniel Monaco, P.E.
    Head of Environmental Engineering | Head of Construction Field Services | Principal