Wildcat Landing

Manhattan, KS

Wildcat Landing is a multi-tenant business center located at the intersection of the KSU Campus, KSU Dormitories, and a residential district. It consists of two buildings with a basement, second floor, and exterior walkways that serve as connectors. BG Consultants was initially contacted by the client to repair structural damage and propose a redevelopment plan for the unoccupied second floor. During this initial phase, Kansas State University approached the owner of the building interested in occupying all vacant space, including the second floor and basement.

The project presented challenges from occupancy regulations to structural integrity. Within the walkways, structural support had completely deteriorated, and the weight distribution was carried on a non-bearing masonry wall. This caused major problems as cracks formed throughout the masonry, the concrete walkway collapsed, and one wall began pulling away from the structure. Site parking is vastly insufficient for the site, but due to its proximity to campus, most traffic to the businesses is pedestrian and current parking requirements could not be met. Code requirements would also restrict the types of occupants who could use the second level without significant additional construction costs and requiring a secondary exit at the basement level. 

BG Consultants worked closely with the owner, university, and city to rezone the property and develop a plan which would satisfy all parties and code requirements.  An office and meeting space was designed on the second level and a new entry stair was created for the basement. Both spaces are currently utilized by KSU as the new Teaching and Learning Center, whose mission is to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning by providing developmental opportunities for GTAs and faculty. We worked closely with the city to create a build-out plan that would satisfy the needs of the university without overburdening the building or site constraints.


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