Cottonwood Falls Pearl Street Sidewalk Improvements

The floodgates for grant applications have opened. 

If your city has a project wish, there’s probably a grant opportunity open for you right now. 

Some of these have short windows of opportunity.

Resurfacing, geometrics, etc. for municipalities with a highway in town
Closes March 18, 2022

KDOT Cost Share Program
Any transportation project not eligible for other programs
Opens 2/14/2022
Closes 3/17/2022

KDOT Transportation Alternatives
Pedestrian-bike improvements, streetscapes
opened 2/1/2022
concept project submittal due 3/4/2022. Full application due 5/13/2022

Federal money, discretionary spending, any transportation project, politically competitive
Closes 4/14/2022

SPARK grants
Broadband, COVID recovery, govt building efficiency improvements, infrastructure to support economic revitalization
closes 2/16/2022

KDOC BASE grants
Economic growth driven, infrastructure to support eco. growth
$25M max. 25% match required
Closes 2/28/2022

KDOC Broadband Acceleration Grants
$1M max. must match the grant request with local dollars
Communities needing broadband extended to them
Closes 2/11/2022