Flooding, erosion, property damage, pollution… When uncontrolled, stormwater can wreak havoc on our waterways, ecosystems, and land. Managing water quantity and protecting its quality has become critical with continued development and channelization of stormwater, changing storm intensities, and increasingly stringent regulations.

The stormwater engineering team at BG Consultants, which includes a Certified Floodplain Manager, has the perfect combination of local experience and technical expertise to design the best stormwater solutions for your needs.

BG Consultants has helped solve numerous stormwater problems of all types and sizes. Working with clients ranging from private individuals to large cities, we’ve successfully designed stormwater conveyance systems and flood and erosion control measures in accordance with water quantity and quality regulations.

Our team also offers vital support for BG’s multidisciplinary projects, including site development and transportation, to detain stormwater runoff close to the source and lessen peak flow rates. Regardless of the project, we always keep the public welfare in mind as we tackle existing and future stormwater problems related to your environment, community, business, home, and property.

Stormwater Services

  • Stormwater master plan
  • Drainage studies
  • Stormwater best management practices (BMPs)
  • Low impact development design
  • Stormwater detention and retention basin design
  • Open channel storm drainage design
  • Closed system storm sewer design
  • Hydraulic structure design
  • Stable channel design
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis
  • Watershed modeling
  • Flood profiling and inundation mapping
  • Dam design
  • Dam breach modeling
  • Dam inspections
  • Permitting and compliance
  • Floodplain management