The fabric of a community is embodied through civic and cultural buildings. They preserve our local heritage and communicate our aspirations. They are critical to continued growth. Whether that means designing a new downtown landmark to kickstart revitalization or renovating existing building systems to promote energy efficiency, we can help you achieve your vision. At BG Consultants, we embrace the opportunity to help local communities create and renovate their iconic public architecture with creative design solutions.  

We start by developing a clear understanding of your culture and work to bring together the many voices of your community. We design to maximize performance, create a unique sense of place, and enhance the individual experience. Because we understand the budgetary constraints many of our clients must work around, we aim to find alternate materials and solutions that meet both your aesthetic vision and economic goals. No matter the size of your project, we want to leave you with a building that celebrates your community.

Civic + Cultural Architecture Projects

  • Art galleries
  • Aquatic and recreational facilities
  • Community centers
  • Courthouses
  • Churches
  • EMS and fire stations
  • Libraries
  • Law enforcement centers
  • Museums