College Hill Early Learning Center

In Kansas, our children will spend a minimum of 186 days in their K-11 school this year.* The built environment they occupy influences their performance and their future.

School facilities built in the 1950s and 60s with narrow corridors, minimal safety features, failing HVAC systems and uninspired aesthetics have proven detrimental to learning. Today, school designs need to include spaces that encourage spontaneous interaction, transparency between individual zones, carefully calculated indoor air quality and lighting, and thoughtful use of colors and materials.

Driven by our passion for bettering educational environments, our architects strive to create flexible spaces that enhance the overall learning experience at every level — from primary and secondary schools to college campuses. Our designs support 21st century learning principles while increasing the security and safety of school facilities. By maintaining an open dialogue with administrators, teachers, students, and stakeholders throughout a project, BG Consultants delivers architectural designs that reflect and celebrate the unique culture of each school and its surrounding community. 

*Number of Instructional Days/Hours in the School Year. Education Commission of the States.